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Electronic Texture Library - Laguna Mosaic Tiles

This e-library project aims to offer free of charge textures of the mosaic tiles found in the historical center of the city of Laguna - Santa Catarina, Brazil through the independent research project: Ladrilhos Hidraulicos Laguna (Laguna Mosaic Tiles). The research project was idealized and carried out by students of the Faculty of Architecture of the UDESC in Laguna. Details on the Instagram of the project. 


By offering the textures, we imagine to contribute to the diffusion of the research project, and above all, to contribute to the diffusion and valorization of the architectural cultural heritage of the city of Laguna (SC). A way of perpetuating old practices via new electronic media.


The textures are produced using the technique "PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Metalness Workflow" em 4K (4096X4096 pixel).


Authors of the research project : 

* Amanda Godinho Dal Molin

* Deborah Lurdes Triches Acordi

* Francielen Vieira Meurer

* Indio Vignes

* Isadora Cristina Cardoso

* João Paulo Mota


Creator of electronic textures : 

* Maicon Fedrigo (

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